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The Ask


Create an evolved brand identity for Vareto, an operating platform that helps finance and business teams plan and run their company better, together. There was a belief that finance teams had been remarkably underserved when it comes to innovation, and they wanted their brand to empower finance teams to become strategic leaders in enterprise companies.


Finance teams and their business partners at growth-stage and public companies.


In the landscape of competitors, almost all of the tools were universally used by just a handful of people in the finance department. Vareto had the opportunity to stand out by elevating the role of finance through their collaborative platform that was easy for business stakeholders to use too — helping the company operate better and more efficiently as a whole.

The Answer


Move forward, faster. Freeing finance teams from outdated, manual tasks streamlines your entire workflow and empowers them to contribute more strategically. Seamlessly collaborate, gather momentum, and move in the right direction, together. With Vareto, the future is agile.


We created a dynamic visual identity that captures Vareto as a visionary, driving force. Building on the familiar rows and columns of spreadsheets, we crafted a system that's flexible and full of upward movement to convey the momentum of working seamlessly and moving the business forward faster. The logo is simple yet bold, like a cursor showing you the way. The color palette introduces gradients and unique color combinations for a clean, sophisticated, cool vibe.


The Vareto tone is insightful, optimistic, and crisp. Vareto always aims to be future-thinking and bring teams together with a collaborative energy.

Smooth Operating System

To represent how easy and smooth it is to work with Vareto, we created a design system built from various parts and pieces that all communicate, react, and work together seamlessly. The grid represents organization, images showcase people and collaboration, shapes represent data, and type represents thought, strategy and intention, all dynamically linked in one cohesive system.

Product Visualization

Utilizing the design system we used shapes, type, and grids to showcase how Vareto organizes and aggregates data to reveal insights in real time.


"The team at Pact was instrumental in re-envisioning our brand, and positioning Vareto in a space that feels intuitive to who we are and clearly sets us apart from other FP&A brands."

Kat Orekhova, Co-Founder & CEO


Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Weed / Michelle Busy / Brandi Steele / Camila Lachman / Bolk Studio