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Say no to status quo

We discover and express inspired, one-of-a-kind brand identities that make an impact.


A more equitable and exciting future.
Diverse voices, represented and heard.
Standing out in the sea of same.


High expertise with a
down-to-earth mindset.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned working with agencies and clients, global to local, and built a boutique experience that’s focused on getting to the soul of your brand in a nimble way.


We begin every project by deciphering what makes your organization unique so we can carve out an ownable space for your brand to live in. We then weave together strategy, naming, voice, and visuals that work hand-in-hand for a nuanced, rich, and cohesive brand system.

To ensure the head and the heart of your identity are aligned throughout the process, our team is hands-on at every step of the way. We work closely with you and our creative and technical partners to ensure the integrity of your brand at every touchpoint.




Visual Identity

Voice + Messaging

User Experience

Website Design








Type + Lettering



Art Direction

Creative Consulting


Natalia Kowaleczko

Natalia Kowaleczko

Natalia Kowaleczko

Founder + Creative Lead

Natalia is a Creative Director with 15+ years of experience on the cross-sections of branding, design, advertising, and experiential design. Her fortes include (but are not limited to) rock-turning, dot-connecting, big-picture-finding, and an occasional pun. She also absolutely loves digging into hands-on design and crafting clever and intentional brand systems.

Tony Mingo

Tony Mingo

Tony Mingo

Partner + Engagement

Tony has spent the past 20+ years helping brands connect more directly with their audiences through design. On a typical day, you might find him translating between business talk and creative talk, distilling complex stories into simple strategies or randomly reorganizing his desk drawer for a better user experience.

Michelle Weed

Michelle Weed

Michelle Weed

Messaging Lead

Michelle is a word nerd turned Creative Director based in Chicago. With 15+ years of experience in turning phrases and giving brands an attitude, her superpowers are weaving linguistic threads and hearing voices in her head.

Michelle Busy

Michelle Busy

Michelle Busy


Michelle is a designer with a smart conceptual approach, dazzling creative skills, and poetic sensibility. She brings immense curiosity, drive, exploration, and some sweet playlists to our day-to-day at Pact.

Natalia Kowaleczko

Tony Mingo

Michelle Weed

Michelle Busy

+ an eclectic bunch of talented humans that bring ideas to life with us on a project basis.