Empowering independent owner/operators.


Visual Identity


Voice + Messaging


Brand Guidelines


The Ask


TruckSmarter is a tech startup disrupting the freight industry. They provide free access to load boards, previously accessible only through brokers for a fee. They needed a complete brand identity that felt trustworthy yet fresh.


Independent owner/operators, small fleets and others who want to become an owner/operator.


Shift the power dynamic into the driver’s favor by giving them an empowering brand that provides the tools and information they need to run their business better.

The Answer


Truckers are the backbone of the American economy – we rely on the goods they move every day. Yet, independent owner/operators are getting hit with fees on every load. TruckSmarter is the land of the free. We’re on a mission to help truckers keep their independence with free access to the information they need to keep their business running and make good on their American dream.


We used road-inspired colors and graphic elements to develop a brand born of legacy and trust. The typemark is inspired by vintage car logos. Instead of cold and corporate, the identity is bold, bright and unapologetic, leaning into the journey and grit of being on the road.


The TruckSmarter tone is empowering. We believe there’s a better way forward for truckers – one that gives them the freedom to be their own boss and achieve their goals. The voice strives to instill that optimism in our audience. TruckSmarter understand their challenges, so the tone is motivational in a down-to-earth way.

Product Illustrations for Real People

Our rebellion against the corporate landscape persisted all the way down to the way we depicted the TruckSmarter app. Rather than show detailed, technical screen grabs, we created a bold, easy to understand illustration system that highlights the most important functions and benefits.



Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Weed / Hugo Baeta