Delivering content to the edges of the world.


Visual Identity


Brand Guidelines


The Ask


Rovial delivers high-quality, bandwidth-intensive content to users in places previously thought to be unreachable via advanced satellite systems. While in development and launch mode, they wanted a modern B2C-leaning brand identity that could flex into the future states of their business.


Consumers who want rich media in traditionally low bandwidth environments, and traditional content delivery networks who want to improve their users’ experience and extend their reach.


Build a flexible brand that can navigate and define a new technology and lifestyle landscape.

The Answer


Moving from place to place often means not knowing if content will be available enroute, or even at your destination. Rovial delivers rich content to the farthest-flung places on Earth and everywhere in between. Meaning your orbit of content is with you no matter where you are.


We built an overall design system that is spontaneous, energizing, and full of possibility, befitting the use case of the brand. The logo mark, built out of flexing orbits, can take on so much character in how it is applied or animated to grow with the landscape of the business. The color palette is bright and energetic for the consumer audience and can be toned down for the B2B audience or where needed.

Logo Build + Behavior

The Rovial wordmark has been customized to incorporate the curvature of the orbit within the typeforms themselves.

The Rovial logo has been built from three flexing, independent orbits that in motion can take on a lot of personality and exude different attributes of the brand.



Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Guide & Anchor / Cosma Schema / The Naming Group