Providing easy access to space for a better life on Earth.


Visual Identity


The Ask


Nanoracks was pioneering the privatization of space, launching cube satellites that allowed for in-space research by the commercial sector. But, their branding wasn’t matching up with the progressive work they were doing. They needed a complete brand reinvention.


Businesses and universities looking to conduct research in space.


Prior to Nanoracks, researching in space cost millions of dollars and generally wasn’t accessible to the commercial sector. We needed to create a brand that drew people in and showed them the in-space research possibilities Nanoracks afforded them.

The Answer


Nanoracks is your portal to space. We’re lowering the barriers to entry and providing commercial access to space for small research payloads. Our goal is to help more scientists, universities, and businesses, use space to improve life on Earth. So, what will you do in space?


The logo for Nanoracks is inspired by the motion of satellites as they follow a path in orbit. The logo also has the ability to reveal and conceal things inside of it, acting as a portal and facilitator to images and text.

The Logo

The Nanoracks logomark is a letter N built from angled lines that allude to the motion of objects in space. Simple and dynamic, the logo is also a base for angular elements across the entire identity.

Brand Launch (literally)

On December 06, 2020, the Bishop Airlock, nicely outfitted with the Nanoracks logo, was launched and delivered to the International Space Station inside a Space X Dragon Trunk. At an orbital speed of roughly 17,400 miles per hour, it's the fasted logo in our portfolio. So far.



Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Busy / Guide & Anchor / Cosma Schema / NASA + Nanoracks (in situ images)