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The Ask


Metrus finances and manages energy efficiency projects for organizations who traditionally have large annual energy spends. And although they were a pioneer of the Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) model, 11 years in, they needed a repositioning to help reassert their leadership role in a fast-growing category.


Heavy energy users in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.


Metrus’ offering is complex and multifaceted. Clearly define the brand proposition and simplify communications to become more approachable and convey Metrus’ end benefits to potential stakeholders, some of whom are not familiar with the EEaaS model.

The Answer


Metrus takes complex energy projects and makes them simple. We offer financial innovation for energy efficiency projects that save our customers money, extend the lives of their facilities, and positively impact the environment. Metrus is a catalyst for action and a spark for change in energy efficiency solutions.


The brand identity we developed is centered around the idea of parts and pieces coming together to create bespoke solutions for customers. With a new logo that implies a spark for change, the logomark itself can spin and house various architectural images to showcase the range of industries and combination of services Metrus has to offer. The yellow and sky blue color palette speaks to optimism and clean energy while clean lines, rounded corners and plenty of white space provide structure, ease and simplicity.

Visualizing Potential Savings

We developed a system of visualizations to help potential customers understand Metrus’ unique ability to measure performance and find opportunities to save money and decrease carbon output in buildings and facilities of all kinds.


“From our initial rebrand and website redesign to guiding us on brand strategy, modernizing our reporting tools, and even working with us on our new office interior, Pact has been a great collaborator to have on our side the past few years."

Bob Hinkle, CEO


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