Nurturing resilience in patients with chronic pain.

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The Ask


Mayv is a CBD wellness brand that was born out of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business by two entrepreneurs who were determined to help sufferers of chronic pain receive the personal attention, care, and inspiration that is lacking in today’s healthcare system. They came to us for a brand identity to help them launch a direct-to-consumer subscription model into the market.


Chronic pain sufferers who live in fear of never being able to control their symptoms.


Develop a brand strategy with a differentiated point of view to help Mayv launch as a beacon of hope and inspire change in the somewhat saturated CBD space.

The Answer


Mayv Health is a resilience-based wellness program for people looking for a new approach to living and thriving in the face of chronic conditions. We empower patients by helping them rediscover and reclaim their courage, strength, and determination to live life on their terms.


We created a wordmark that conveys a sense of strength, approachability, calm, and trust. The color palette is both humble and optimistic. Our photography uses light and shadow to represent the push and pull of living with chronic pain. And the bespoke, linear shapes are designed to convey light and shadow, transformation, focus, and motion.

Light + Shadow

The interplay of light and shadow is core to the Mayv brand and is especially apparent in its photography, where the contrast between the two represents the honest ups and downs of living with chronic pain.

Graphic Shapes

Smooth, rounded shapes in contrasting warm and cool colors reinforce the brand’s consistent interplay of light and shadow, while subtle gradients, linear construction, and overlap of the shapes create a feeling of calm and imply change.


A custom illustration style uses Mayv linear shapes to build a rich, flexible system. This approach provided ownability and continuity to the brand and was used across a variety of applications, including the app, blog, and iconography.



Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Busy / Guide & Anchor / Mel Zahar / Lisa Plachy