Scaling access to mental healthcare.

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The Ask


Reposition and rebrand a voice biomarker technology company that detects symptoms of mental health issues from short clips of speech.


Enterprise healthcare systems who can integrate Kintsugi technology into their call centers, Telehealth services, and patient monitoring apps.


Bring forward a balance of technology and humanity, prioritize the end benefit to patients, and show (rather than tell) the uniqueness of their offering.

The Answer


Surfacing the Unspoken. Mental illness can be masked. Patients may say they’re fine, but Kintsugi listens between the lines. From short clips of speech, Kintsugi picks up on what’s not being said, so more people can get the support they need.


Tapping into the vocal waveform, the logo we developed is inherently both technical and human. The color palette is inspired by the art of Kintsugi, with yellow, rose, and green varieties of gold. The typography provides a balance of science and technology with human warmth. The illustration system is flexible, able to convey a range of topics from technological to emotive ideas. All of these elements, meticulously combined around plenty of white space, create a comfortable yet assertive space for one of the most innovative companies in the landscape today (our words, not theirs).


The Kintsugi voice is all about, well, voice. Because of the unique way Kintsugi detects mental health challenges through vocal biomarkers in speech, the language we use to articulate key benefits plays on things people say or don’t say, hear or don’t hear, see or don’t see.

An Enterprise Website Built for Humans

It was apparent early on in our conversations with the Kintsugi team that there was an important patient-focused story that needed to be told. So when it came time to design the new website, we crafted an opening sequence that starts with a common quote from folks who suffer from mental health issues and then broke down the problem Kintsugi is setting out to solve with its enterprise approach.


“Pact was a dream to work with on realizing the next chapter of Kintsugi. Many thanks to the brilliant execution and warm collaboration across our teams! We are thrilled to bring our creation to light!🌞”

Grace Chang, Founder + CEO


Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Weed / Brandi Steele / Michelle Busy / Guide & Anchor / Bolk Studio