Revealing previously unseen planetary truths.


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The Ask


Create a brand identity for Hydrosat, a data and analytics service that provides targeted, geospatial intelligence about our planet, beyond what is visible to most satellites.


Hydrosat focuses on providing geospatial intelligence for food security, public safety, and the environment.


Showcase the power of infrared enabled analytics for climate and agriculture, helping earth manage its most valuable resource: water.

The Answer


The world that humans can see is only a tiny fraction of the world that exists. Hydrosat provides a better perspective. By uncovering Earth’s temperature in real time from space, Hydrosat reveals previously unseen planetary truths to solve Earth’s problems and protect our planet.


We embraced the idea of revealing the previously unseen in a brand system that combines the abstract beauty of natural landscapes with overlays that imply the closer, more technical view of the planet Hydrosat provides. The logo mark simultaneously represents water droplets, a pin drop, and the circular motion of a satellite in orbit — while also alluding to a flower and central star shape in the negative space.

Balancing Discovery + Technology

Discovering and managing Earth’s water resources is simultaneously visionary and technical. Images of familiar and otherworldly landscapes are meant to create a feeling of discovery and reveal while the illustration style conveys the highly technical side of what it takes to fulfill their mission.

In a clever play on the logo mark, we created a pindrop device that acts as a location pin and water droplet combo to display surface temperature and moisture content in a variety of Earthly landscapes.

Kind words

“We partnered with Pact for a rebrand as we were preparing to enter an important growth period. From the start, we felt like they were invested in figuring out how to transform the technical and scientific work we do into a brand that captures the vision of our company and sets us apart from others in our space.”

Pieter Fossel, CEO


Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Glenn Chan / Ian Koenig / Michelle Busy / Guide & Anchor / Not Robots / Crafted Studios