Building the future on stories of the past.


Visual Identity


Signage + Wayfinding


The Ask


When Schweitzer Mountain, a privately owned ski resort in northern Idaho, decided to expand with a new, Skylab-designed hotel and restaurant, they needed a master brand to tie the entire resort experience together.


Vacationers who are thirsty to venture from what they know, to discover genuinely interesting, one-of-a-kind spots. They want to be in on best-kept secrets and feel like locals.


Utilize the history of the people and small mountain town that established itself and thrived as a lumber milling town for 100 years, to create a brand with a rich backstory locals and vacationers alike will want to be a part of.

The Answer


What do you get when cross the story of an old Swiss hermit living on a mountain with the history of a small town that established itself via the Humbird Lumber Company that became an enduring point of local pride? A modern hotel called Humbird, designed primarily out of wood that features modern takes on Bavarian pattern making.


Humbird’s custom letterforms are inspired both by blackletter calligraphy, and rows of skis at rest. Variable lockups create a sense of discovery and surprise within the design system, translating especially well into landscape-like representations of mountain scapes and reflected landscapes. The Humbird color palette is inspired by high-visibility ski wear and contrasted against snow and sky conditions for maximum impact. The visual identity system also allows for interesting pattern play and mural solutions.

Flexible Logo

Humbird's custom typemark was inspired by the shape of skis at rest and blackletter letterforms that reflect Schweitzer's Swiss origins.

The logo is build to stretch and change to allude to skis, mountains, reflections in Lake Pend Oreille, constant motion at the resort, paths left by skis on the slopes, and more.

Color Palette + Materials

The color palette utilizes warm wood tones, snow condition-inspired neutrals, and ski-inspired brights. We collaborated with Skylab Architecture to implement color story via textures and signage. Each room-filled floor got it's own accent bright to make each floor its own season-inspired experience.

Iconography System

A series of signage icons built on the shapes found in our type mark helps establish the brand across the entire building.



Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Busy / Lauren Hart / Guide & Anchor / Skylab Architecture / Little Hands of Stone