Existential Co

Examining the human condition.

Culture + Storytelling

Visual Identity




The Ask


Create a brand identity and web presence for Existential Co, a new production company focused on meaningful storytelling, art, and experiences through an examination, exploration, and celebration of the human condition.


People who seek a meaningful life, connected with others and the planet. Brands and users seeking meaningful digital and in-person experiences.


Create a brand that feels bold but also intangible and full of curiosity, authentic to the real life perspectives and human stories Existential Co aims to explore.

The Answer


Why are we here? We explore what it means to be human, how to live lives of purpose and authenticity, and how to cultivate healthy relationships with other beings and the planet. We give to our audience experiences that move them to examine and celebrate our individual and shared existence.


When the founder first approached us with the idea and name for this new venture, we knew it needed a brand that posed as many questions as it answered. With that in mind, we created an identity meant to capture the ephemeral nature of life and experience. Moments captured in a flash, words and sentiments fading in and out of perception, all wrapped up in an aesthetic that feels part punk rock and part quiet and introspective.

The Question at the Center

To create our wordmark, we revealed the question inherent to existentialism. By flipping the S we created a question mark that also alludes to a lowercase e when used as a singular icon.

Philosophy + Creative Code

With questions at the heart of the Existential brand, what better way to engage our audience then by asking them a big one, front and center on the new website? We partnered up with our friends at SpaceType Co to create a creative coded experience equal parts thought-provoking, engaging and shareable. Once visitors type in their answer, they’re prompted to download a short video of their experience to share on their socials.


“Working with Pact proved to be an inspiring and transformative experience. They’re thoughtful, dynamic collaborators who practice deep listening and provide insightful feedback helping to lead us to a clarified vision for what we are trying to achieve. They’ve been invested in the realization of our goals and brought much added value to the table beyond their extraordinary design experience and skills.”

Jameson Yingling, Founder


Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Busy / SpaceType Co