Bountiful Farms

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Visual Identity






The Ask


Bountiful Farms is a cannabis company out of Natick, Massachusetts. They came to us to create an identity that would help them emanate trustworthiness in the relatively new cannabis scene on the East Coast, and establish a legacy that will grow and grow.


People who are seeking a release from what ails them, without the pitfalls that come with inferior options. They fall into two categories of cannabis users: Mainstream and Devotee.


To push the brand into a deeply caring space that will flourish into something great for others, helping “good” spread through our culture more vigorously than “bad.”

The Answer


Bountiful Farms believes by doing better ourselves, we make everyone a little better. We make certain everything we do sparks goodness that keeps going and growing, far beyond the horizon we can see today or even imagine for tomorrow. To be bountiful is to “give generously.” So we give generously, with vigor. Because we believe in the compounding effects of goodness to bring you better days. Put simply, we’re devoted to better.


We created a visual identity that is relentlessly optimistic, intolerant of apathy, and is a generous sharer of good. The illustrations demonstrate the positive compounding effects and provide a visual representation of “bountiful.” We utilized color to help convey the effective benefit of each product, which carried over between their different product lines. Illustrations allowed us to capture a unique and bountiful celebration of each strain. We were able to cater to different personalities, insider jokes, or taste appeal depending on the product and core audience.

Core Product Packaging

The design of the core packaging system was driven by a product architecture that divided cannabis strains into four effect profiles: Awaken, Exhale, Connect, and Release.

The universal jar and box design can be used for any product, then customized with color-coded labels to indicate the effect profile and provide information about the cannabis strain waiting for you inside.

Limited Brand + Packaging

The Limited product line is a rotating collection of small batch cannabis strains, which needed its own place within the product architecture, and a design solution that made it feel premium and, well, limited.

Starting with a Limited by Bountiful Farms logo lockup, we then created a custom illustration, flipped the core brand colors around, and designed a special Limited label with designated space for handwritten information about the small-batch strain inside.

Strain Icons

We developed a system of icons for hero cannabis strains that combined a bountiful sense of humor with subtle information about the flavor profile of the strain itself. The icons are used in a lot of different ways, including swag, packaging for strain-specific products, and more.


Our illustrative system expands to create bountiful flavor profiles for the edibles line. From chocolates to gummies, the illustrations can be recreated to add flavor cues while maintaining a consistent and recognizable system. The packaging is also super flexible with a universal tin for all types of edibles and color-coded labels delineating the specific flavor.



Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Michelle Busy / Guide & Anchor / Pepper Strategies / Mel Zahar / Heather Geiyer