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The Ask


Acrew is a venture firm focused on inclusion and opportunity for diverse populations. They needed a brand identity uplift and website redesign to better communicate their mission and to launch a new investment product built to reinforce their commitment.


Founders and private investors who have been marginalized by the traditional VC industry, or want to be on the forefront of bringing more diversity and inclusion to Venture Capital.


Create a brand identity that brings change to the forefront in a new way - through teamwork, diversity and intention.

The Answer


Position Acrew as a friendly and approachable partner that tells its distinct point of view in a fresh, easy-to-digest, almost editorial way.


The identity refresh features a modular letter “A” made up of components that use scale and contrast to represent diversity. A design system utilizing circles, overlaps, and blends highlights unique perspectives, strength of partnerships and community, and signifies a distinct shift away from the traditional VC landscape.


“The Pact team is a joy to work with and always came with fresh ideas for us to discuss & implement, fostering an extremely collaborative process. This rebrand has beautifully captured our mission & vision at Acrew — enabling us to more effectively communicate what we do and stand for.”

Maitree Mervana Parekh, Principal


Natalia Kowaleczko / Tony Mingo / Sofia Llaguno / Brandi Steele / Michelle Busy / Hugo Baeta